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School Self Evaluation / DEIS

St. Vincent's Secondary School is a DEIS school. Below you will find information on our DEIS targets and SSE initiatives. 

 What is SSE?

School self-evaluation empowers a school community to identify and affirm good practice, and to identify and take action on areas that merit improvement. School self-evaluation is primarily about schools taking ownership of their own development and improvement.

In St Vincent’s we have been actively engaged in the SSE process since 2014 beginning with Literacy, then numeracy, e-learning and now as a DEIS school we have merged the SSE and DEIS team. We use the SSE approach to our DEIS planning.

School self-evaluation further develops the school development planning process, and focuses it firmly on teaching and learning.


Delivering Equality of Opportunity in Schools (DEIS):


Delivering Equality of Opportunity in Schools (DEIS) the Action Plan for Educational Inclusion, was launched in May 2005 and remains the Department of Education and Skills policy instrument to address educational disadvantage. The action plan focuses on addressing and prioritising the educational needs of children and young people from disadvantaged communities, from pre-school through second-level education (3 to 18 years).


In St. Vincent’s our DEIS/ SSE team meet weekly to work on the targets we have set out in our Three Year Plan. The plan is broken down into the eight strands of DEIS: Retention, Attendance, Literacy, Numeracy, Attainment, Supporting Educational Transitions, Partnership with Parents and Partnership with Others.

Under each stand we, as a school, have set targets that we are working to achieve. In order to achieve these targets in each area we have a number of actions in place.


These actions are monitored closely and evaluated annually. All of our strands also encompass Wellbeing, Continuous Professional Development and Leadership.


The staff in St. Vincent’s are committed to delivering the best teaching and learning possible and this is reflected through their engagement with the DEIS targets and participation in the actions. It is the responsibility of all our staff members to work together to provide equality of opportunity to all.

Community End of Year Reports

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