St. Vincent's Book Rental

Organising new books for your son can be quite stressful and expensive. In order to ease this stress we operate a book rental scheme here in St. Vincent's. Participation in this scheme is voluntary, however it is highly recommended as it includes savings of between 40% and 50% on buying the books. Below you will find all the information you require in order that your son starts off his year with all of his equipment and books

So what do I do next??


Decide whether you want to buy the books yourself or rent them from the school bookshop.

Booklists can be found below.

Option 1

I want to buy my own books.

What do I do now?

Click below.

Option 2

I want to rent the books! 

Click below and select the year your son will be going into!

Key Dates

Sit back, relax and collect your books in August. Dates of collection can be found below. 

Book lists for the 2019/2020 Academic year can be found here. 


So you have decided to buy your own books!


If you decide to purchase you own books you can download the relevant booklists by clicking here. You may then visit any local book seller to purchase your books. You may also purchase the books directly from the school. We will place your order with our own supplier and you can collect the books in late August. These would be brand new and unused. 

If you would like us to order the books for you send an email to stating your son's name , the year he will be entering and also please state that you would like us to order the books for purchase

You have decided to rent your books from the school bookshop!


Please complete the bookrental application form below. Once this is completed we will arrange for all books to be supplied to your son. Payment can be made during the summer at any time through our online payments system (also linked below)

It is important to note that stationary is not included in the book rental scheme, with the exception of the Art pack for Art students. However you may order your stationary from us and pay on book collection day. 


Key Dates for book rental

August 14 2019 1st and 2nd year collection 9am-12pm

August 15 2019 3rd and 4th year collection 9am-12pm

August 16 2019 5th 6th and LCA collection 9am-12pm

If you are unable to collect during these times please arrange an alternative date by emailing

St. Vincent's Secondary School, Glasnevin  01-8304375

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