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St. Vincent's Book Lists & Book Rental Information

Organising new books for your son can be quite stressful and expensive. In order to ease this stress we operate a book rental scheme here in St. Vincent's. Participation in this scheme is voluntary, however it is highly recommended as it includes savings of between 40% and 50% on buying the books. Below you will find all the information you require in order that your son starts off his year with all of his equipment and books

So what do I do next??

Junior Cycle Information

Under the new Government Scheme 2024/25, schoolbooks will be provided free to every Junior Cycle student on loan at the start of the school year. 

See Junior Cycle booklists below for fees not covered by the Book Scheme.

Senior Cycle Option 1

I want to buy my own books.

What do I do now?

Click below.

Senior Cycle Option 2

I want to rent the books! 

Click below and select the year your son will be going into!

Lockers/Book Rental

Books will be supplied to students directly on their first day back. No need to collect them from the school.

Book lists for the 2024/2025 Academic year can be found here. 


So you have decided to buy your own books!

buying own books

The vast majority of students in St Vincent's use the book rental scheme. If you decide to purchase your own books you can download the relevant book lists by clicking here. You may then visit any local book seller to purchase your books. Please let us know you are opting out of the book rental scheme by emailing us on

You have decided to rent your books from the school bookshop!

Rental Information

If you do not email us to let us know you are opting out of book rental we will assume you wish to go ahead with the scheme and we will prepare your child's books for him.

It is important to note that stationery is not included in the book rental scheme at Senior Cycle, with the exception of the Art materials for Art students. 


New payment system for St. Vincent's: 

Way2Pay is a swift & convenient cashless payment solution, enabling parents to pay school bills by SMS - instantly pay online with just a few simple clicks. They provide a secure and easy-to-use system for parents, saving time and eliminating children carrying cash to school.


There will be two easy ways to pay either use the link that will be text to your phone or login via the button below. 


Locker Guidelines 

This year ALL students will have access to an assigned locker with padlock (€15 rental fee). 


As the school year begins students will gain access to their locker with their individual code. (Only students that have paid for book rental will have access to their locker & books). All students will have access to their books by the end of their first week. 


Below is an instructional video on how to use our new padlock system. 


Guidelines for Lockers:

  • Students must ensure their own lock is on their locker at all times.

  • All lockers must be locked after using them. 

  • Access to lockers is as follows:

Morning time 8:40

Lunch time 13:40

End of the day. 


  • Students are not permitted to go to their lockers between classes. 

  • Lockers must be kept neat and tidy. 

  • Anyone messing with lockers/damaging lockers will be fined and locked out of their locker. 

  • If students lose their lock there is a replacement fee of €15.


On receiving their books students will be given time to label all their books. Students must not swap books throughout the year or leave them in classrooms, books must be kept secured in their lockers when not being used.


At Senior Cycle, if any books go missing or are damaged due to improper use they may lose their deposit moving forward. If Junior students lose or damage their books parents will have to pay for a replacement.

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