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School Policies

Below you will find our current school policies, these may change from time to time when they are due for revision. 


Here you will find our School Attendance Strategy. This was updated in 2017


Here is our Relationships and Sexuality Education Policy. Approved 2020

School Plan

Below is a copy of our 2023-2026 School Plan. 


A copy of the school guidance plan may be found here. It was reviewed in 2023


A copy of the school Admissions policy can be found below. It was reviewed in 2020

Substance Abuse

Here you can find our Substance Abuse Policy, approved 2021


A copy of the School's code of behaviour,  It was reviewed in 2020 for COVID-19

Critical Incident

The School has a critical incident policy which can be viewed here. 2016


Here you will find our current Homework Policy ratified in 2019


Our child safeguarding procedures were ratified in April 2024

Staff CPD

The staff CPD policy was written in 2011. It will be for review shortly


This letter states the school's GDPR policy. It was completed in 2018 

Learning Support

Our learning support policy was written in 2023.  A review will happen soon.  


Our Policy on PME student teachers. Updated March 25th 2019


Our Anti-bullying policy was last reviewed on 15.1.2024.



This policy was approved by the Board on 25/03/2019. Find out more


Below you will find our COVID-19 Response plan. 

Risk Assessment

Our COVID-19 Risk Assessment can be found here.

Our Policy on Dignity in the Workplace can be found here.


Our Policy on the LCA Course can be found here.

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