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“Recognising that you are not where you want to be is a starting point to begin changing your life.” 

It is our mission at St. Vincent`s Secondary School Glasnevin to provide the students in our care with a comprehensive and rounded education in the Catholic Christian tradition of Edmund Rice. We strive in partnership with Parents and Guardians to ensure that each student develops to his full potential. We work to provide each student with a firm foundation from which he can apply, both for his benefit and that of the wider community, the skills, knowledge and values he has developed in St. Vincent`s Secondary School. 

The primary aim of the Wellbeing team is to develop their students’ knowledge, understanding, appreciation, recognition and enjoyment of their individual and collective wellbeing. This can be contributed to through:

  • Effective delivery of the four aspects of wellbeing (Culture, Curriculum, Policy and Planning, as well as

  • Relationships).

  • A genuine whole-school approach to Wellbeing.

  • Promotion of Wellbeing within our community.

At St. Vincent`s Secondary School the wellbeing of all our staff and students is central to the positive atmosphere and inclusive learning environment we wish to create and maintain.

In order to achieve these aims there is a core Wellbeing team that meets regularly to discuss issues and further development of Wellbeing at St. Vincent`s Secondary School. 

Members of the Wellbeing team are: 

Principal:  Ms. M Quinn 

Deputy Principal : Mr N McCann

Wellbeing coordinator: Michelle Killeen 

Elaine McLoughlin 

Aidan Whyte 

Eamonn Connolly 

Sinitta Flood 

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