School Calendar

Below you can find a copy of the School calendar as well as a list of school closures for the current Academic year. 

August 2021 Return to School dates

We hope all our staff and students have had a well deserved break throughout the summer. We are very busy making the final preparations for your return to school.

The programme for your return is as follows:

Wednesday 25th August:      1st year students from 9-10:30.  First years are in every day. A  detailed schedule will be emailed to you.

Thursday 26th August:           3rd &6th year students from 9-10:30

Friday 27th August:                2nd & 5th year students from 9-10:30

Monday 30th August:            TY Students  9:00-10:30

All other year groups  in Monday at 8 50- 1:06

All students will need to be in full uniform and masks must be worn. 

An email will be sent to all regarding updated Covid measures when it is issued by the department.