School Calendar

Below you can find a copy of the School calendar as well as a list of school closures for the current Academic year. 

August 2022 Return to School dates

We hope all our staff and students have had a well deserved break throughout the summer. We are very busy making the final preparations for your return to school.

The programme for your return is as follows:

Wednesday 24th August:       1st Year students from 9-10:30.  

Thursday 25th August:           1st, 3rd & 6th Year students from 9-10:30

Friday 26th August:                1st, 2nd & 5th Year students from 9-10:30

Monday 29th August:             TY Students  9:00-10:30

                                                  All other year groups  in Monday at 8 50- 1:06

All students will need to be in full uniform.