Board of Management

Next Meeting  - March 25th 2019

Board of Management

Current Board

St. Vincent's Secondary School is under the trusteeship of the Edmund Rice Schools Trust. The Trust appoints four members to the board and the remaining four are directly elected by the school community. Two members are elected by the parents at an AGM in the September a vacancy arises, two members are elected by the Staff in the same Month. The term of the Board is Three years and the current board will sit until October 2021

Mr. Seamus Harrington - Chairman

Ms. Maire Quinn - Secretary

Ms. Elaine Fleming

Ms. Frances Devaney

Ms. Janelyn Ypon

Ms. Elaine McLoughlin

Ms. Sinitta Flood

Mr. Sean Stack

Mr. Garrett Ryan

Agreed minutes of meetings

A lot of the work of the Board involves complex issues of data protection and confidentiality. Comprehensive minutes are kept however an agreed report is presented at each meeting from the meeting previous. These reports can be found below.

Only minutes from the new Board will be found here. Any minutes prior to 2019 (the previous Board) are archived in the school. 


Agreed Minutes from 2019 can be found below

February 11

March 23





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