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Our Home School Community Liaison teacher is Mr Doran. Find out more below. 

Home School Community Liaison (HSCL)

At St. Vincent’s we are committed to develop a child’s full potential. We are also committed to helping parents in their role as the primary educators of the child. The primary role of the Home School Community Liaison is to build partnerships between the home and school. This is done in a number of ways:

  • Encourage, support and facilitate partnership between parents and teachers

  • Actively encourage parental involvement as an integral part of school development

  • Visit homes to further strengthen ties between home and school

  • Working closely with students to facilitate their development as young adults

  • Organising classes / courses exclusively for parents to enhance their personal development

  • Liaise with voluntary and statutory services in the communnity to solidify our position as a pillar of the community

  • Working closely with the School Completion Programme

  • Monitors attendance and punctuality

  • Links between ourselves and Primary Schools to ensure the smooth transfer for pupils coming into first year


In the Past Year We have run a number of initiatives for families. These have included:

  • A Transfer Day for all Secondary Schools in the Finglas Area where Parents can meet with HSCLs and students in order learn about options in the area

  • An annual Wellness Fair where a number of services in the local community come together to meet with families to discuss the supports the services they provide

  • Coffee Mornings for First Year Parents

  • Parents Plus Adolescents Programme

  • Code of Behaviour Reviews


Our Current Home School Community Liaison is Robbie Doran and can be reached on 0860124545 or

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