Working from Home

In recent times we have been going through a huge change in how we can deliver the education that your son deserves. With schools closing and students being asked to work from home we feel it is important that parents have the information they need to ensure that their son is completing the assigned work and keeping up with his studies. If nothing else the routine of keeping to his school timetable will give him a break from the current climate of self isolation and social distancing. 

We have uploaded a document here which will be separated by class and teachers will add information regarding work that they have set and the dates that work is due. THIS WILL BE FOR THE WEEK STARTING 30/3/20.

We ask that you encourage your son to keep up his school work while teachers themselves try to become proficient with the technology needed for remote learning. This will never beat the classroom for the amount a student can achieve but it is the next best thing. 

Click here to view the spreadsheet. Classes are listed along the bottom, select your sons class. 

Teachers are using online tools such as google classroom. Click here for a video explaining google classroom, google meet and emails. Google classroom is where your son will have assignments and homework posted by his teacher, google meet is where you son may have an online video class with his teacher and classmates. Where possible teachers will grade work and return it, however this is not feasible in some subjects.

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